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ZeroLogDNS will take your DNS queries to a safer place!


This service is non-profit. We cannot guarantee 100% availability and continuity of the service. We cannot be held liable for any expenses, damages, losses or claims... By using the service, you accept the Terms and Conditions.

“This service cannot 100% hide from your service provider what pages you are visiting. IP addresses and unencrypted SNI can still provide information to your ISP!”

About us

We are just a few administrators from around the world who really don't like the lack of privacy on the internet, so we're trying to change that in small steps. We don't have high expectations, as our aim is to open people's eyes and provide a service where we make sure no customer data is used. We're happy to publish most of our infrastructure solutions on our Github page, and if someone doesn't want to use the version we're running, a fully self-hosted pre-configured solution will be developed.

Privacy Policy

In today's online world, there is no privacy, everything and everywhere is monitored, every move, conversation, click and search. This is why ZeroLogDNS was created, to eliminate this tracking. Not only do we serve our users over a secure connection, but we also follow a strict "no logs" policy and do not store any data that could be used to identify our users. Everyone here is completely anonymous. In addition we also provide a filtered DNS service that blocks online trackers and advertising, which we call ClearNet.

  • We don't store any ip address.
  • We don't disclose any information to third parties.
  • We don't profile our users and are not selling any data.
  • In order to speed up the service, we cache the domain names served by our servers.
  • Our system will store the response time and the success of the request for up to 3 weeks.

By using the service, you accept the privacy statement.

“If our IDS/IPS system detects a DDOS or other attack, the ip address is immediately logged and stored on the server for 3 days.”





DNS over TLS

TLS Auth: tls://

ClearNet: tls://


IPV6: 2a03:4000:9:6bf::1, 2a03:4000:1e:f0::1

DNS over Tor (currently not available)

DoH: http://dnsdohipeufzs4omhftiq574bi7pjgkctluync6sjqqykn4ksndqrrqd.onion/dns-query

TCP: tcp://dnstcpf4wmjrjqsdj3ozop6dbcwzolwcw35itucgjgzmmcxmsmaurnid.onion

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